Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blueberry pancakes for breakfast!

Hi Kevin!

Today we made blueberry pancakes for breakfast! Yummy! But first I have to show you the neat apron and chef's hat your Grammie made for me to wear...I look like a real chef.

I stood really still while your Grammie measured me for my apron. When I go back to Skaneateles, I will bring my chef's uniform with me.

The first thing we do to make the pancakes is gather all the ingredients together. You can see in the other picture the big bowl with the pancake mix in it. Your Grandpa scoops out enough mix for however many pancakes he's going to make and then mixes it with water.

Oops, I forgot...the FIRST thing we have to do before we start mixing anything is wash our hands. You have to have clean hands when you're cooking for guests. You should have clean hands when you cook for yourself, too, but it's really important when you cook for other people.

No shortcuts here, either, I have to use water AND soap, and I have to make sure I wash a long time. You know what your Grammie told me is a good way to know you've washed long enough? You sing the 'Happy Birthday' song to yourself! ('Twinkle, twinkle little star' is another good song to sing.) Then I dry off with a paper towel and throw the paper towel away.

Now I'm ready to cook!

When I'm done showing you the pictures, I'm going to make a special section called 'Recipes' and tell you how to make the things I've made here at the inn. I'll put that over on the side under my picture so it's easy to find if you want to make any of the same things.

Today we had guests from OH and the lady was a teacher. She knew all about me and thought it was fun that I was here in Maine helping make her breakfast.

Here I am at the griddle with the pancakes. We've just added the blueberries. You don't put them in the batter first because that makes your pancakes purple! Maybe YOU want purple pancakes, but the guests don't! You put the blueberries in just before you flip the pancakes over. Your Grandpa uses frozen blueberries and you can hear them sizzle on the griddle when he flips them over. Boy, do these smell good! I didn't get a picture of them when they were done because I'm still a little slow with the camera and your Grammie wanted to get them to the table while they were still hot.

Can you think of other things to put in the pancakes? Some people like chocolate chips. And your Great Grandma Pat makes world famous apple pancakes (you have to ask your Mom how good they are!)

It is raining here so we're not going out on any adventures today. I'm going to ask your Grammie to take a picture of me carrying a suitcase for a guest. I'm getting really good at it.


Flat Stanley


Laurie said...

You should make Norwegian pancakes because they are flat like you, Stanley!

Jeanne Muir & Jim Ford said...

Hi Flat Stanley - we hosted Flat Mary for Molly Myers at the Thomas Shepherd Inn in Shepherdstown, WV. She had a good time visiting Antietam Battlefield and got to sit on one of the old cannons there.

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