Monday, October 27, 2008

I've got a sniffle.

Hi Kevin!

I've got a sniffle. (achoo!) There's lots of work to do but your Grammie said I could go to bed and read some books. She's going to greet all the guests today. She made cookies and hot chocolate for me. I'm being very careful not to spill it in my bed.

Tomorrow we are having blueberry pancakes so I will try to take some pictures and show you the best way to make them. Your Grandpa Rock makes world famous pancakes!

This is the breakfast board at the inn. Everyday your Grandpa Rock writes the menu. Your Grammie puts the weather and things to do on the board. She puts the temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius because they have guests from all over the world.

I'm kind of tired now so I'm going to go back and read some more books and do some puzzles. What's your favorite book? It doesn't have to be one about me! I like to know about all kinds of books! How about your friends in your class, what books do they like?

Flat Stanley (achoo!)


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