Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Open to the dentist!

Hi Kevin!

We went to the dentist today! Your Grammie made me a dentist outfit to wear! You can see me here in the picture near the tray of dental instruments the hygenist uses to clean teeth. (There is a cover over the instruments to keep them clean until the hygenist is ready to use them.) On the computer monitor is a diagram of the different teeth I have. Do you know how many teeth a human being has? Many people never get their 'wisdom' teeth so most people only have 28 teeth. If you have your wisdom teeth, you can have up to 32 teeth. Wisdom teeth come in when you're a teenager, usually when you're about to graduate high school or go to college.

Everyone in your class has probably lost most of their baby teeth and now have their adult teeth. BUT, you get the big, grinding teeth in the back (your second molars) when you're around 12-13 years old.

I have my xrays and will bring them back with me when I go back to NY. You can show them to everyone! Tina gave me a toothbrush, too, so I can keep my teeth clean while I'm at your Grammie's house. She gave me dental floss, too. It's very important to floss your teeth to get the stuff out that gets stuck in there. Flossing your teeth makes your gums healthy which keeps your teeth healthy. (Don't forget to brush your teeth, too!)

Here's a picture of me in the chair waiting to have my teeth checked.


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