Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Hi Kevin!

Boy, oh boy, what excitement there is today! We just went and voted! Your Grammie and Grandpa Rock and I walked down to the high school to cast our ballots. Sorry, there was a big sign up at the door that cameras were not allowed so I don't have a picture of me in the voting booth.

This is a very different election this year because it is the first time there is a black person running for the office of President of the United States. No matter who gets elected it will be a history-making event. There has never been a black president nor has there ever been a woman vice president. So, either way, it's a big deal!

We also got to vote on who one of our Senators will be. Both of Maine's Senators right now are women. Maine has voted for women to represent them in Washington, DC for many years. NY also has a female Senator.

Another thing we voted on was whether or not the town should pay to have a bridge replaced. We also voted on whether or not the state should repeal a law they passed that puts a tax on soda and flavored water.

I wish I could vote, but I'm not old enough, you have to be 18. When you're 18 you'll have to go sign up to vote.

Now we have to wait until all the states have voted to find out who will be the next president.


Flat Stanley


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